AN EXPLORATORY STUDY OF ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANT STRAINS OF Escherichia coli FROM PONNANI FISHING HARBOUR- MRP Report submitted by Sri. Zubair A. A., Assistant Professor, Department of Aqua Culture and Fishery Microbioilogy    
OCCUPATIONAL STRESS AND STRESS COPING SKILLS OF FISHERMEN IN MALAPPURAM DISTRICT KERALA- MRP Report Submitted by Sri. V. Badusha, Assistant Professor, P.G. Department of Commerce    
Health status of women in coastal areas special reference to Ponnani municipality - MRP Report submitted by Smt. Asha Neendur, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics    
Integrated investigation of shallow borewellsalinity aroundEdapal, Malappuram District, Kerala - MRP Report submitted by Dr.V. K. Brijesh, Assistant Professor, Department of P.G. Studies and Research in Geology    
Supply and installation of laboratory equipment’s under the FIST scheme of DST- Tender Invitation Notice    
Supply and installation of laboratory items to Aqua Cultural and Fishery Microbiology Department