University Information Centre

The Calicut University Information Centre at Ponnani was established by the University of Calicut, as parts of its greater initiatives to take the services of the University to the close reach of students and general public. The Centre aims for the social and educational excellence of the region, upholding the noble values, goals and path set by the University of Calicut .The Information Centre, Ponnani caters to the educational requirements of a large number of students and the local populace in the coastal town of Ponnani and nearby areas and also from the bordering Taluks of Thrissur and Palakkad districts. The Centre, over the short time of its establishment since 06-08-2009, has proved itself to be a dynamic and notable institution, disseminating all information on University courses and examinations and providing guidance and facilities for all University-related requirements of the students. The Centre also provides useful information on the availability of the jobs in the Government and private sectors from the data it collects from various sources.

Corporal Library

E. Moidu Moulavi Library serves as a roadway to knowledge providing admittance to significant collections and services, advancing teaching and learning, fostering scholastic fineness and nurturing ingenious spaces for research, study, collaboration and discovery. At present, library of the college has a collection of around 33000 books. All staff and students have direct access to the books. To ensure maximum access and use, the books have been scientifically classified subject and discipline wise. PG and UG students are entitled to borrow eight and two books respectively, at a time. The students also receive the support of the library staff to select the books of his/her choice. Library has eight computers with broad band connectivity for the students. The facility is offered free of cost. Reprographic facility is offered to the students and staff at subsidized rates. Internet facility inside the Library has eight systems connected by LAN. The students can download as much information as they require for projects, references and assignment. Students have online access to journal and e-books though INFLIBNET. The facilities for taking hard and soft copies of the downloaded materials are also provided in the library. The facility is open to the students during library working hours. Classification and cataloguing of books, acquisition of library stocks, library transactions library cataloguing has been made online. The new arrivals are made available for circulation within two weeks of purchase. Latest arrivals are displayed in the special racks meant for the purpose. Journals and periodicals are displayed in the journal section till the next issue arrives. The students and research scholars from other institutions are permitted to utilize our library on production of a letter from the head of the institution. Library has a collection of 300 CDs on various subjects to circulate among the students and staff. A good collection of reference material for competitive/ entry level examinations is available in the library.


Long cherished dream of MES Ponnani College, a new auditorium was realized in 2011. It was constructed mobilizing funds from MP-LAD Scheme. The facilities of the auditorium are made accessible to the public. Local self governments, other government departments, quasi-government bodies, public sector undertakings make use of institutional infrastructure free of cost. The 1250 seat auditorium is used for various events such as Symposiums, Seminars, Workshops, National and International conferences. The auditorium is well equipped with good audio system, well illuminated and ventilated. The Multipurpose auditorium is a resourceful addition to the infrastructural facilities of MES Ponnani College, useful for large gatherings of students for functions, cultural meets etc. The auditorium is named after late Imbichi Bava, the former minister of Kerala who strived hard for starting a college in the most backward area.


The college has a spacious and clean canteen with a built up area of 1718 square feet. The students and staff can access the canteen for breakfast, lunch and snacks.


Total built up area of the Mosque is 3247 square feet and that can facilitate Namas of 1000 people at a time. This Mosque was established in the year 1990. Additional toilet facility is also provided.

Haroon Memorial Hall

This hall was built in memory of Prof. Haroon of Department of Economics after his sad demise during his tenure in the year 1990.Total built up area of this hall is 1500 square feet. The seating capacity of the hall is 75 and it is used to conduct training classes, seminars, conferences and workshops.

Majeed Memorial Hall-Ladies’ waiting room

This Hall was built in memory of late Prof. Abdul Majeed of the Department of Malayalam during the year 1992.This Hall was renovated and now used as ladies resting room with a built up area of 1040 square feet and 9 toilets and a recreation hall are provided for girl students

Khadri Hall (Audio -Visual Hall)

The old library building is renovated and named to honour Prof.Saghir Khari the former Principal and Professor of English .This hall is fully air-conditioned with a seating capacity of 200 persons and it is ideal for international seminars. The hall is fully equipped with the audiovisual equipment including LCD projectors; the facility can also be used for various training classes, seminars, conferences and workshops.


Men’s hostel with sq. feet of 5192 accommodates 30 students and staff established in the year 1985. Admissions to hostels will be made only after the student is admitted to the college.


Ladies hostel with an area of 12603 sq. feet was constructed with the financial assistance of University Grants Commission and College Management.

Department of Aquaculture and Fishery Microbiology–Lab facilities

There are three different laboratories equipped with instruments, chemicals and glass wares for conducting practical classes in Microbiology, Biochemistry, Water Quality Analysis, Fishery Biology and Fish Quality Control. The students of the department maintain over 30 glass aquaria where various indigenous and exotic fishes are reared for breeding experiments. The department maintains a state of the art museum. The uniqueness of this museum is the collection of over 500 indigenous fish species which are procured, preserved and maintained by the students of the department. An outdoor hatchery and fish culture facility is available in the department, where marine ornamental fishes are reared and maintained under recirculation system. This provides the students with hands on experience in fish culture. Since the department is a research centre, the infrastructure required for carrying out research in the field of biodiversity, fisheries, aquaculture, fish processing etc are developed in the department through external funding.

Department of Geology–Lab facilities

The department is maintaining a museum with approximately 2250 well identified, preserved and displayed samples of rocks, minerals and fossils. Most of the specimens were procured by the students during their study tour the alumni has also contributed their share to the collection. The museum attracts students of the nearby schools too.

Department of Physics. –Lab facilities

The department has well equipped laboratories for optics, modern physics, and electronics. We have modern instruments like Fiber Optics Training kit, Microprocessor training kit, Four Probe set up, Radiation detectors etc. in our Lab.

Department of Zoology –Lab facilities

We have two well equipped laboratories with facilities like microscopes, Camera Lucida, Centrifuge, digital pH meter, Hot Air Oven, Sphygmomanometer, Micrometer, Haemocytometer, Haemoglobinometer, Kymograph, Colorimeter, water bath etc.. One laboratory is used for Zoology main practicals and the other used for botany subsidiary practicals. Museum The Departmental museum is an attractive one and has a collection of 175 specimen samples

Department of Computer Science–Lab facilities

Computer Science department offers a well equipped lab with 34 systems, Broadband connection and full time efficient faculty proving students a chalking environment.

Department of Chemistry–Lab facilities

Department has a well equipped spacious laboratory which consists of a balance room, fume hood, stock room and preparation room and a main experimental laboratory. We have modern instruments like refractometer, PH Meter, Potentiometer, Conductivity cell, Viscometer, Water distilling unit, Distilling set, Soxhlet apparatus, Electric Bunsen, Electric hot plate ,Heating mantle, Suction pump, two digit (2) and four digit electronic balances (3) etc .

Department of English

Digital language lab with 16 computers is functioning as a part of Department of English. ODLL STANDARD EDITION is the software used in the lab.

The Physical education Department

It is functioning in a block with a built in area of 750 square feet. This department facilitates the following sports and games in the college campus.

1. Football / cricket field
2. 8 lane 400 meter track for athletics
3. Outdoor Basket ball court
4. Outdoor Volleyball court
5. Kabaddi court
6. Shuttle Badminton court
7. Table tennis table.
8. Field Events of Athletics facile
9. Gymnasium/ Health Club