The founder of M.E.S

‘In your longing to serve our community
You offered selfless service proficiently…
Empowered with the vision of a seer,
As an educationalist and a humanitarian
You cherished dreams for every human
Whom you tried to regard with respect
The pages of your life were a few in numbers
Yet you filled it with glory and fame’

MES was established under the great headship of Dr. P. K. Abdul Gafoor and it blew the trumpet of revolution in the academic and cultural sphere of Kerala Muslims, who had only the accounts of neglect and disregard to relate. Kerala Muslims, who were once regarded as the most illiterate and the most oafish faction, are now sprinting along the corridor of progress with a multitude of higher educational institutions and cultural centers and the glory of Dr. P.K. Abdul Gafoor lies in the fact that he showed the lantern for this thorny mission. The enlightenment and the scholarly wakefulness that MES could stir up in the Muslim community have no historical parallel.