Department of Geology

In 1978, B.Sc. course in Geology was introduced in this College. The department was upgraded as Post-Graduate department with the inception of M.Sc. Applied Geology, being the only PG course in Geology under the University of Calicut in the year 1998. As recognition for the department’s steady growth in the areas of teaching, learning and research, the University of Calicut recognized it as a Research Centre in the year 2008. Dr. V.A. Ayisha and Dr. V. Santhosh have been given the status of research guide and Dr. V.K. Brijesh and Dr. K.S. Arunkumarare about to be recognized as research guides. At present,six candidates are carrying out research towards their Ph.D. degree in the Department.

    Under Graduate

  • B.Sc. Geology with Chemistry and Physics as complementary courses


  • M.Sc. Applied Geology

    Doctor of Philosophy

  • Geology


Name : Dr. V.A. Ayisha
Designation : Associate Professor and Head
Mobile Number : +91 9446 154 720
E-mail :
Qualifications : M.Sc. (Geology), Ph.D. (Geology)
Specialization : Micropaleontology, Environmental Geology.
Experience : 28 Years
Name : Dr. V.K. Brijesh
Designation : Assistant Professor
Mobile Number : +91 9495072725
Email ID :
Qualifications : M.Sc. (Geology), Ph.D. (Geology)
Specialization : Hydrogeology; Remote Sensing & GIS
Experience : 8 Years
Name : Dr. C. Sreejith
Designation : Assistant Professor
Mobile Number : +91 9446 807 407
Email ID :
Qualifications : M.Sc. (Applied Geology); Ph.D. (Geology)
Specialization : Precambrian Crustal Evolution; Planetary Tectonics; Petrology; Geochemistry; Thermodynamics
Teaching Experience : Six Years at UG and PG Level
Research Experience : More than 10 years at various National Research institutes
Name : Dr. V. Santhosh
Designation : Assistant Professor
Mobile Number : +91 9446 246 871
Email ID :
Qualifications : M.Sc. (Marine Geology), M.Phil. (Environmental Science),Ph.D. (Environmental Science)
Specialization : Environmental Geology; Marine Geology; Hydrogeology; Coastal Zone Management; Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Studies
Teaching Experience : Six Years at UG and PG Level
Research Experience : More than 14 years at various National Research institutes
Name : Sri. P.K. Abdul Nafih
Designation : Assistant Professor
Mobile Number : +91 9562 660 535
Email ID :
Qualifications : M.Sc. (Marine Geology)
Specialization : Sedimentology; Marine Geology; Coastal Evolution; Palaeontology
Teaching Experience : Six Years at UG and PG Level
Research Experience : Pursuing to Ph.D., Studies
Name : Dr. K.S. Arunkumar
Designation : Assistant Professor
Mobile Number : +91 9895116002
Email ID :
Qualifications : M.Sc. (Marine Geology), M.Phil. (Environmental Science),Ph.D. (Environmental Science)
: Environmental Geology; Environmental Chemistry;
Specialization : Hydrochemistry; Coastal Zone Management; Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
Experience : 10 years
Name : Dr. M. Nithya
Designation : Assistant Professor
Mobile Number :+91 8891602881
Email ID
Qualifications : M.Sc. (Applied Geology), Ph.D. (Earth Science)
Specialization : Remote Sensing; Mineral Exploration
Experience : More than 6 years of Research Experience and 1 year of teaching at UG and PG levels
  • Facilities


    Department holds a good museum with a number of rock, mineral, and fossil specimens collected from various parts of India through the study tours

    Fully equipped lab for petrological studies, with 20 petrological microscopes provided with Camera Lucida, Thin section grinder and powdering machines, thin section and sediment grain mounting instruments, and sample room facilities

    Remote sensing lab with more than 30 satellite imageries and a number of aerial photographs, equipped with Mirror and pocket stereoscopes, Pantograph, Parallax bar, Dynascan etc.

    Geochemical laboratory with Electrical Conductivity meter, pH meter, Geosyn Hot air oven with drying pans, and glass wares, Water and soil analysis kit, Flame Photometer, BOD Incubator, double distillation unit and chemicals for water sample analyses

    Facilities for sedimentology and Heavy mineral studies with Geologist’s syndicate sieve machine with ASTM standards, mineral separation equipments, and adequate Software for statistical parameter studies

    Palaeontology section with 3 binocular microscopes (Olympus–make) for micropalaeontological studies and instruments for fossil separation and slide preparation

    Facilities for economic mineral resources and ore microscopic studies, equipped with Olympus Ore microscope and polishing machines

    Lab for geophysical studies, equipped with AQUAMETER CRM–20 and SSR-MP-AT resistivity meter and IPI2Win Software for data interpretation

    Geographical Information System (GIS) analyzing Lab provided with computer facility with all major Software related to Earth Science, such as
     ArcGIS 10
     Surfer 10 (Contouring Software)
     G-Stat (prepared by Geological Survey  of India, for measuring the grain size parameters of sediment samples)
     Hydrochem(Hydrogeochemical Studies)
     Resist–87
     IPI2WIN (Geoelectrical resistivity Survey)  AutoCAD Map R2 (Geological mapping)
     RockWorks (Logging)

  • Seminars / Workshops / Symposia Conducted

    + Paaristhithikam Program

    Organized Erudite Sholar Resident Programme by inviting two eminent personalities Dr. A.K Ramakrishnan, Professor of International Relations, JNU, New Delhi and Dr. V.J. Rajesh, IIST, Thiruvananthapuram on 29th and 30th of March,2016

    Organized variety of activities in connection with World Wetland Day Celebrations-2016 on 10th of February

    State Environment Awareness Campaign 2014-15 was conducted on 22nd of July,2016.R Harikumar, Head of the Education & Training Division of the Energy ManagementCentre, Kerala inaugurated the event and wasfunded by DoECC

    Observed World Environment Day 2015 in collaboration with the Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment (KSCSTE), with two programmeson 5th and 12thJune 2015

    A Students project under SPYTiS II of KSCSTE got approval to the Department for undergraduate students

    The Department of Geology is one of the test centres for the entrance test for International Earth Science Olympiad(IESO)

    OrganizedNational Seminar on “Lakes, Rivers, and Wetland Ecosystems – A Climate Change Perspective (WETCLIMATE)”, at MES Ponnani College in March 2014

    Observed International Day for Preservation of the Ozone Layer (Preservozone-2013) in collaboration with the Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment (KSCSTE), on 7th October 2013

    Observed World Environment Day 2013 in collaboration with the Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment (KSCSTE), on 5th June 2013

    Organized national seminar on “Geologist’s Role in Establishing an Efficient Nation(GREEN-2012)”, held at MES Ponnani College in March 2012

    Organized two-day national workshop on “Statistical Sedimentology- Theory & Practice” held at M.S.K Hall, Ponnani College on 29th & 30th August 2008

    Organized one-day national seminar on “Environmental Degradation–Impacts on the Geosphere” held at M.S.K Hall, Ponnani College on 9th and 10th February 2007

    Organized one-day seminar on ‘Water conservation with people’s participation–Rainwater harvesting’ held at Haroon Memorial Conference Hall, Ponnani College on 20th March 2004.

    Organized one-day seminar on ‘Earth, Environment, and Us – Status, Threat, and Trends’ held at MES Ponnani College on 13thJanuary 2003

    Organized one-day seminar on ‘Minor earthquakes in Kerala and their consequences’ held at Maas Auditorium, Ponnani on 15th March 2001.

  • Extension activities


    Actively involved in Groundwater Exploration: Locating well sites by using sophisticated instrument – Aquameter CRM-20, and Resistivity meter SSR-MTAT. So far the extension rogramme has helped the public by locating about 65 well sites in areas of acute water scarcity in Palakkad, Malappuram, Calicut and Thrissur districts

    Faculty members and students of the P.G. Department of Applied Geology launched a project of conducting exhibitions cum demonstration classes in various schools in the nearby districts in order to impart an awareness about the subject

    The department has been participating in the sub-district and district level school science fairs, where thousands of students from various schools are being exposed to the various branches of earth science

Research Activities Projects (Ongoing/Completed)

Projects (Ongoing/Completed)

Principal Investigator Topic Total outlay and Funding Agency Year of starting & Duration
Dr. K.S. Arun Kumar Evaluation of Water Quality and Nutrient Budget of the Bharathapuzha River and Adjoining Backwater –Nearshore Systems of Malappuram District, Kerala India Rs. 3.75 Lakhs, UGC 2015 (2years)
P.K. Abdul Nafih Sediment Dynamics in a micro-tidal natural inlet bounded by breakwaters; A case study at Bharathapuzha Estuary, Ponnani, Southern India. Rs. 1.9 Lakhs,UGC 2014 (2 Years)
Dr. K.S. Arun Kumar Integrated geoenvironmental assessment of BiyyamKayal in the coastal tract of Malappuram district, Kerala 10.53 lakhs Department of Environment and Climate Change, Thiruvananthapuram 2013 (2 years)
Dr. V. Santhosh Environmental Impacts of Sandmining, Bharathapuzha basin Rs. 1.45 Lakhs, UGC, Bangalore 2012 (2 Years)
Dr. V.K. Brijesh Bore-well salinity around Edappal, Integrated Approach Rs. 1.25 Lakhs, UGC, Bangalore 2011 (2 Years)
Dr. V.A. Ayisha Petrology of granulites, Palghat Cauvery Shear Zone Rs. 1.00 Lakh UGC, Bangalore 2010 ( 2 Years)
Dr. V.A. Ayisha Assessment of Groundwater Potential, Kattilmadam Rs. 0.60 Lakh UGC, Bangalore 2007 ( 2 Years)
Dr. V.A. Ayisha Assessment of Groundwater Potential, Chellur watershed Rs. 5.16 Lakhs, KSCSTE 2007 (3 Years)
Dr. K. Gopalakrishna Study on saltwater intrusion and delineation of fresh groundwater potential zones Rs. 6.26 Lakhs,
2007 (3 Years)
Dr. K. Gopalakrishna Sediment grain size and heavy minerals distribution along Bharathapuzha river basin Rs. 0.10 Lakhs, UGC, Bangalore 2005 (2 Years)
Dr. K. Gopalakrishna Isotope investigation on salinity intrusion through BeeyamKayal Rs. 5.15 Lakhs DST, New Delhi 2004 (3 Years)

Research Scholars

Sl. No. Name Guide Topic Status
1. N. Mohammed Shareef Dr. K. Gopalakrishna Micropalaentology Thesis submitted
2. C. Ajith Kumar Dr. V.A. Ayisha Hydrogeology Thesis submitted
3. P.K. Abdul Nafih Dr. V.A. Ayisha Sedimentology and Coastal Processes Part-Time Scholar
4. T.G. Sakhi Dr. V.A. Ayisha Hydrogeology Part-Time Scholar
5. BeegamFebi Dr. V.A. Ayisha Geomorphology Part-Time Scholar
6. P.G. Athira Dr. V.A. Ayisha Sedimentology Full-Time Scholar
  • Prominent Alumni


    Central Ground Water Board (CGWB)
    P. Nandakumaran, Regional Director, Kerala

    Geological Survey of India (GSI)
    A.C.Dinesh, C.Jayaprakash, K. Praveen, N. MohammedShareef, – Senior Geologists
    U. Shaniba, C. Remya, M.V. Sufija, Sainaba, T. Lishi, S.H. Raheela, K.N. Noufal, M.P. Sahel, Vijesh – Geologists

    Indian Institute of Science and Technology (IISc), Bangalore
    Dr. K. Sajeev, Assistant Professor, Centre for Earth Sciences(CEaS)

    Oil and Natural Gas Commission (ONGC)
    C. Uthaman, K. Sundaran, K. Sasi, – Superintendent Geologist
    Abdul Vahid,Sachin Sharma –Geologist

    National Institute of Rock Mechanics (NRIM), Bangalore
    Divya Lakshmi – Scientist B

    Mining & Geology
    NaserAhammed – District Geologist, Malappuram
    T. Mohanan – District Geologist, Wayanad
    T. Sheljumon – Geologist, Malappuram
    T. Subhesh, V. Amritha,P.K. Reena Narayanan, C. Shajimol, K. Ajeeb, K.K. Vijaya, R. SunilKumar, Irfana– Assistant Geologists

    Kerala State Groundwater Department
    B. Shabi, N. Santhosh, K. Leena, E.P. Seema – Geological Assistants

    Centre for Water Resources and Management (CWRDM), Calicut
    K. Manjula, Technical Officer

    Neyveli Lignite Corporation
    C.K. Premalatha – Geologist

    Schlumberger Inc., Beijing, China
    Dr. V.T. Manoj ,Ramesh P.V, Maneesh -Geologist

    Lloyds Register., Middle East
    O. Abdurahmankutty

    De Beers, Diamond Explorations Inc.
    K.K. Deepa

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    Dept. of PG Studies & Research in Geology
    M.E.S. Ponnani College
    Ponnani South–PO
    Malappuram, Kerala, INDIA–679586
    Phone: +91 4942 666 077; Ext. 214 (Off)