National Service Scheme (NSS)

National Service Scheme, under the Ministry of Youth Affairs Sports, Govt of India, was launched in Gandhiji’s Centenary year; 1969. Aimed at developing students’ personality through community service, NSS is a voluntary association of young people in Colleges, Universities and at +2 level working for a campus community linkage. NSS has been functioning as a regular feature in the realm of our university education. The overall objective of the scheme is educational and service to the community is the activity through which the objective is sought to be achieved. It is a student-centered program in which projects are implemented by the NSS volunteers in close collaboration with the community and thereby it provides vast scope for the students interaction with the people.

NSS units of MES Ponnani College actively carry out different programmes inside and outside the campus which epitomize the quintessence of egalitarian living and advocate the necessity for altruistic service. NSS activities in the college undertake to instill in the students a feeling of kinship with fellow human beings as well as nature. Every year the activities are formally inaugurated and the regular camps are being held during the Saturdays and Sundays. The regular camps become good occasions for social outreach as far as the student volunteers are concerned. Massive Tree Plantation programme; Medical/Health alertness programme; construction of roads; cleaning the surroundings of college, nearby schools, hospitals etc; awareness programmes for public like religious harmony camp, anti terrorist campaign, drug abuse campaign etc. are some of the activities of NSS units in MES Ponnani College.

NSS Programme Officers:

Dr. V. K. Brijesh, Assistant Professor, Department of Geology.

Smt. P.K. Sreena, Assistant Professor, Department of Maths.

National Cadet Corps (NCC)

NCC is one of the largest youth organizations in India, which came into being in 1948, by an act passed in Indian Parliament. The Head Quarters of NCC is at Delhi, under the head of DGNCC, in the rank of Lt. General. There are 17 Deputy Directorates all over India, with one of such Directorates in the Kerala and Lakshadweep region. There are 39 NCC Units under this Directorate with five group head quarters. The NCC at the college, coy-4, is a company affiliated to one of such units, 28 Kerala BN, NCC, Ottappalam.

Aims and Objectives.

1. NCC aims at to develop good qualities like good character discipline, patriotism, secularism, selfless service, courage, comradeship, hard work attitude, sportsman spirit, adventure etc among Indian youth to mould them into useful citizen.

2. It also aims at to create a resource of human youth who are competent to take responsibilities in various walks of life

3. It also aims at to create a pool of human youth to absorb into Indian armed forces like Army, Navy, Air force and other paramilitary forces.

Motto of NCC

Unity and Discipline

Associated NCC Officer.

The ANO, of the college, is Captain M.N. Mohamed Koya. He took charge of NCC in the year, 2002. College NCC Units, in addition to attending various training programmes, used to undertake charity programmes and conduct social and environmental awareness programmes in and around the college.


Basheer T. Tharayil got a scholarship worth Rs. 12000/- Sahara Scholarship, NCC, in the year, 2010. Kumari Nilofar, a girl cadet, got NCC Sahara Scholarship worth Rs. 6000/ for her higher studies, in the year 2011.

Special Achievements

In the year 2006-2007, Ramshad K.V rank S.M was selected for Pre-RDC, Thiruvananthapuram and attended the NCC Calicut group contingent guard of honor. Mohamed Rashid M.P. rank SUO, was selected for B.Tech in NCC Quota. Jaseem. V got selection to pre-RDC and he was selected as pilot to Director General, NCC, during his visit to NIC, Delhi in the year 2010-2011. Fathima Lubna got gold medal in folk dance, while she was attending All India Sikkim Trek Camp, in the year 2011. Kezhepat Indu, IInd semester Computer science student, attended Republic Day Camp at Delhi. She has been selected as the best cadet from Kerala and Lakshwadweep NCC Directorate. She has also been selected for YEP {Youth Exchange programme} under NCC, an opportunity to visit foreign countries.


In the year 2007 Dileep and Rajesh got employment in CRPF. Sujith. N.A. was selected to Indian Navy in the year 2009.