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Tender Notice - Supply and installation of laboratory equipments under the FIST scheme of DST- Tender Invitation Notice



Sealed tenders are invited for the supply and installation of laboratory equipment’s under the FIST scheme of DST (Govt. of India). Include Technical/Consumer Bid and Price Bid in separate sealed covers in the Tender. Technical specifications, past installations with contact details, Manufacturers Authorization Letters, a copy of price bid without price, etc. can be included in the Technical/Consumer Bid. Tender notice and tender form can be downloaded from the Downloads page (Click here). The cost of tender form may be remitted along with submission of tender in the office.

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Construction of Library Reading Room-Tender Invitation Notice




Ref: MESPONNANI/UGC/LIB/2017                                                                       18/01/2017 

Name of work: Construction of Library Reading Room as an Extension to the existing Library Building 


Description of Work



Rate (Rs.)

In Figures & Words

Amount (Rs.)

In Figures & Words


Construction of the Library Reading Room as an extension of the existing Library Building






Detailed Specification of the Work


Description of Work




In Figures & Words

Amount (Rs.)

In Figures & Words








Earth work excavation in soil watering, ramming and sectioning ramming spoil bank etc.






Filling with available red earth (excluding rock) in trenches, plinth, sides of foundations, etc, in layer not exceeding 20 com in depth; consolidated each deposited layer by ramming and watering, lead up to 50M.












PCC 1:4:8 using 40mm hard granite broken stone for below graded beam including cost conveyance of all material and labour charges, etc. complete






Random Rubble Mansory in CM 1:8 using hard granite stones for hounckon and basement including cost, conveyance and labour charges complete






Reinforced Cement Concrete M20 using 20 mm down size coarse aggregate including cost, conveyance of all materials, labour charges etc complete for mixing, laying, consolidating, etc, inclusing lead lift, scaffolding, tools, plant, curing etc. complete as per design, drawing, but excluding cost of steel and cement.

1. Plinth beam

2. Lintels, sunshades

3. Beam and Slabs



















Brick masoning in CM1:6 for superstructure using 23cmX11.5cmX7.5cm wire cut bricks including cost, conveyance of all materials, labour charges, etc, complete including all scaffolding, lifting, curing, etc.






Supplying and fixing of aluminium windows including cost, conveyance of all materials, labour charges, scaffolding, fixing, etc., complete






Supplying and fixing of wooden doors made of hard country wood of given sizes including door shutters, cost, conveyance of all materials, labour charges, fixing, etc., complete






Plastering of ceiling using 1:3 CM 9 mm thick including scaffolding, labour charges, etc., complete






Plastering inside walls using 1:5 CM 12 mm thick including cost, labour charges, conveyance of all materials, etc., complete.






Plastering inside walls using 1:4 CM 15 mm thick including cost, labour charges, conveyance of all materials, etc., complete.






PCC 1:4:8 for flooring 75mm thick using40mm down size hard granite broken stones aggregate including all materials and labour charges, etc







Signature of Contractor with seal                                                                              Principal




Ref: MESPONNANI/UGC/LIB/2017                                                                       18/01/2017 

Name of work: Construction of Library Reading Room as an Extension to the existing Library Building 

1.       Tender in sealed cover is to be submitted to the The Principal, MES Ponnani College, Ponnani South P.O, Malappuram Dist, Kerala – 679 586, Phone, 0494-2666077, Web: on or before 15.00 hrs on 31/01/2017 by post or by direct and the tenders will be opened at 16.00 hrs on 31/01/2017.

2.       The contractor should pay a sum of Rs 25,000/- as EMD in the form of DD in favour of Principal, MES Ponnani College, payable at Ponnani along with the tender.

3.       All quantities in the schedule are provisional and likely to vary (either reduce or increase) however payments will be made at the quoted rate for actual quantity provided as ascertained by joint measurements after completion of works in all respects.

4.       The specification and mode of measurements of different items of work should be as per the respective trades and items given in the relevant ISI specifications (Latest including amendments as on date).

5.       The rate quoted by the contractor should include all materials required for the job including scaffolding, labour, equipment's etc. needed as well as for necessary civil works like making holes grouting, cement, sand, and for patch work and making good the damages. No extra payment will be paid by the College for the same.

6.       Unless otherwise stated all measurements shall be of net finished size only.

7.       The rate quoted should be including all taxes like income tax, sales tax on works contract service tax, duties, transportation of materials etc. and no claim will be entertained by University in this regard.

8.       SECURITY DEPOSIT: Total security deposit for the work is 5% of the Value of work done. Security Deposit will be recovered from Bills. The Security Deposit paid by the contractor shall be released after the defects liability period of one year from the date of completion of work. No interest is payable on the Security deposit.

9.       The work should be started immediately after receipt of the work order and completed in all respects within 60 days. In case failure to complete without any valid reasons, contractor is liable for penalty of 1% per Week of the delay, subject to a maximum of 10% of the total value of accepted contract amount (or) actual executed amount, whichever is more, as decided by the Principal. MES Ponnani College whose decision is final and binding on the contract.

10.   The rates should he firm throughout the currency of the contract and no increase will be considered by the College.

11.   In case of any dispute, the decision of The Principal, whose decision is final and binding on the contractor

12.   The Central University of Kerala reserves the right to accept or reject any or whole tender without assigning any reason thereof.

13.   Sample of all materials to be used on the job should be produced and got approved before actual Execution of work. One of the specified make of materials alone should be used for uniformity.

14.   The premises are presently occupied by and hence the contractor has to do the work so as to cause the least inconvenience to the occupants and take all precautions to avoid damage to College property. If any damage occurs, the same shall be made good by the contractor at his own expenses and necessary permission has to be obtained in advance.

15.   For items not specified in the tender, the contractor should execute the same under written instructions from the Principal and submit his rates with rate analysis based on present market rate. The Principal shall then pay to the contractor for such items at rate, which is reasonable according to him and his decision on such item shall be final and without any dispute.

16.   After the work is completed the contractor shall has to leave premises clean and tidy

17.   The contractor should fill in "Rate” column in the schedule of quantities legibly in ink, both in FIGURES and WORDS. Rate mentioned in words shall be prefixed and suffixed 'Rupees" and 'Only' respectively. If, on check, there any difference between the rates given by the contractor in words and figures, or in amount worked out by them, the following procedure shall be followed for ascertaining accuracy.

#         If the rate in words and in figures, the rate which corresponds to the amount approved by the contractor shall be taken for consideration

#         In case amount is not worked out, or not tallying with rate written, either in words or figures, the approved rate in words shall be taken for consideration

#         In case rate quoted by the contractor in both figures and words tally, but the amount is not worked out correctly, the rate quoted by the contractor shall be taken for consideration, but not the amount.

18.   Tenders containing the rates only in figures are liable to considered as NON BONAFIDE at the discretion of the Principal and may entail forfeiture of EMD.

19.   The tenders should be kept open for consideration for a period of 3 months from the date of opening. Other than the first three lowest tenders, the EMD will he released after the arithmetical scrutiny. EMD of the successful contractor will be refunded after the acceptance of work order.

20.   The tenders are requested to inspect the premises before quoting/ submitting the tender.

21.   College shall recover the income lax, surcharge, sales tax and work contract tax or any other statutory' taxes if levied in by the Government.

22.   Rates quoted should include for the preparation and submission of shop drawing for the work.

23.   The contractor may when authorized and shall when directed to carry out some additional works which were originally not included in the schedule. While fixing the rate for these items 15% shall be allowed on cost of materials and labour to cover all supervision, overheads and profits.

24.   No cement, steel or other materials also will be supplied by the College unless otherwise it is specified in the tender.

25.   Contractor will be allowed to use water required for the work. An amount @1% of the total value of bill will be deducted from contractor's bill for the same.

26.   The work should be approved in process and at each stage: the approval of the Principal or his representative shall be obtained in writing.


CONTRACTOR                                                                                                    PRINCIPAL

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UG Admission 2016- Community List


Admission to community quota seats for various UG programmes will be held on 11th July 2016, at 10 a.m. Those who have included in the community list published by university, may attend the same. List is available in the link: 
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World Environment Day Celebration (WED 2016)



Dear Sir/ Madam,

It gives immense pleasure to inform you that the Department of Computer Science and Flamingo Nature Club, M E S Ponnani College is jointly organizing World Environmental Day Celebration (WED 2016) on 17th June 2016.


The environmentalist Dr. A. Nujum, Professor( Malayalam), Department of Modern Indian Languages, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh has kindly consented to join with us with a lecture based on the theme. Intercollegiate Quiz and Essay WritingCompletions for students based on the focal theme “Join the race and make the world a better place” will also be conducted on the same day.

We cordially invite you for the active participation in the programme.


Thanking you,


Dr. V. SanthoshDr. T.P. AbbasMs. K. Nusrath

Co-ordinator, Flamingo Nature ClubPrincipalCo-ordinator, WED 2016

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 P.G. Department of Economics is organizing UGC Sponsored Two day National Seminar on Human Capital and Economic Development in Kerala on 6th & 7th January 2016.

UGC Sponsored National Seminar on Research Trends in Computer Science- Call for Papers



            The Department of Computer Science, M E S Ponnani College is organizing a U G C Sponsored Two day National Seminar on RESEARCH TRENDS IN COMPUTER SCIENCE (RTCS ’16), on 20th and 21st January 2016.

Call for papers

Original, unpublished papers from academia, experts in the concerned area and students/research scholars are invited for the presentation. The proposed papers can be on the topics listed below. Papers on the broad area of subaltern studies also will be considered.         

v  Algorithms

v  Artificial Intelligence

v  Cloud Computing

v  Computer Networks

v  Cyber Security

v  Data Mining

v  Digital Image Processing

v  Distributed Computing

v  Green Computing

v  Grid Computing

v  Information Retrieval System

v  Information Security

v  Machine Learning

v  Mobile Computing

v  Natural Language Processing

v  Network Security

v  Parallel Computing

v  Software Engineering


Prospective authors are invited to submit their abstracts (300 words) to   on or before 27th December 2015.  Acceptance of the abstract will be intimated after a screening process. The soft and hard copies of the full papers (2500-4000, IEEE format) should be sent before the due date.

Dates to Remember

              Last date for the receipt of abstracts: 27th   December 2015

              Intimation of selected abstracts: 31st   December 2015

               Last date for the submission of full papers: 10th January 2016

               Date of Conference: 20th & 21st January 2016


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The Department of Commerce and Management Studies, M. E. S. Ponnani College, Ponnani South  is organizing a  UGC Sponsored Two Day National Seminar on BANKING INNOVATIONS IN INDIA- Trends and Challenges, on 8th & 9th December 2015.

Banking Innovations in India- Trends and Challenges



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