A. Under Graduate Programmes (6 Semesters)

1. B. A. English (Core)
British History and Political Science (Complimentary Subjects)
2. B. A. Economics (Core)
Modern Indian History and Political Science (Complimentary Subjects)
3. B.Sc. Chemistry (Core)
Mathematics and Physics (Complimentary Subjects)
4. B.Sc. Computer Science (Core)
Mathematics and Physics (Complimentary Subjects)
5. B.Sc. Geology (Core)
Physics and Chemistry (Complimentary Subjects)
6. B.Sc. Physics (Core)
Mathematics and Chemistry (Complimentary Subjects)
7. B.Sc. Zoology (Core)
Chemistry and Botany (Complimentary Subjects)
8. B.Com. (Finance)
9. B.B.A.
(Bachelor Business Administration)

B. Post Graduate Programmes (4 Semesters)

1. M. A. Economics
2. M.Sc. Applied Geology
3. M.Sc. Aqua Culture and Fishery Microbiology
4. M.Sc. Fish Processing Technology[U G C Innovative Programme]
5. M.Sc. Physics (Advanced Electronics)
6. M.Com. (Finance)

C. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

1. Aqua Culture and Fishery Microbiology
2. Geology

D. UGC Career Oriented Add On Courses

1. Certificate/Diploma Course on Commercial Production of Ornamental fishes
2. Certificate/Diploma Course on Entrepreneur Skills Development
3. Certificate/Diploma/ Advanced Diploma Course on Office Automation